Friday, January 13, 2012

Live in Fayetteville, AR - Review

Last week, there was a great show at JRs Lightbulb Club. Don’t get me wrong, I love local music. But I especially like it when a local band plays with two out-of-town bands that you haven’t been privileged enough to catch yet. I don’t know much about Omaha, Nebraska. Long ago, I passed through the place many-o-time in an 18 wheeler. But if their music scene is even remotely indicative of the emissaries they sent on January 7th of this year….the place..well, must have a good music scene. Baby Tears are as lo-fi, analog, DIY as it gets. They play shitty instruments and make 4 track recorded LPs. Take into consideration their high-octane enthusiasm that accompanies the rock-noise they throw at the audience, like projectile vomit, and you have a good show. They have that road-hardened edge and a ferocious energy on stage. They epitomize the band that comes to your town and burns it the f*ck up. Hope they make it back soon.

More pics here, also cool pics and review on The Fucking Party as well

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