Monday, March 26, 2012

Razorcake reviews

Self-titled: CD
Overblown, overdriven, and over-the-top sonic bombast. If I was the dude from In the Red Records, I would definitely pay close attention to ‘em, ‘cause they definitely fit within that label’s noisy, trashy rock purview. –Jimmy Alvarado (

Self-titled: 7” single
Trashy, fuzzed-out, and distorted garage gnarl. The first song, “Homeless Corpse,” is a jumpy and noisy fucking tune. Drums are hammered, guitars are throttled, the singer proclaims that he “don’t like it!” and a haze of feedback hangs in the air. But it’s the song on the second side, “She Sells Eggs,” that keeps this on the record player a bit longer. The drums are punchy and chunky; the bass that comes in with its thick and turgid sound is what makes this one a winner. The riffs are close to pummeling, but never beating you over the head. They’re more about rocking out and getting off. –Matt Average (Rainy Road,

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