Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Baby Tears “Rusty Years” LP

Mushed mouth scum covered rock outta Omaha, Nebraska. Crunchy as peanuts in a turd and just as tasty too. Hyperblown and somewhat textured in mulched metal overtones. A plodding noise(ier) rock variation of FNU Ronnies, mayhaps? A nasty thought, close cousin to Meat Mist? Maybe if the Meats brought in keyboards, chucked the MITB influence and trolled the Live Fast Die vibes a bit more. Bashed and bruised tunage I can get behind. Looks, feels and sounds like a Rotted Tooth Record. Better than another Frances Harold record or Mayyors clone. Moodier and willing to groove, unlike most of these types of acts. Pick one up. (Ex)Fag Cop sez so. There’s hardly any to go around. 200 pressed in screen printed jackets. (RSF)

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